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even netscape navigator could not foresee the term "bookmarklet" - cyber ghosts & net terrors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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even netscape navigator could not foresee the term "bookmarklet" [Jul. 1st, 2012|10:57 pm]
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I am certain that I am having a fit of alanis morissette irony. That is a song I only appreciate hearing when Chris G gets on stage at karaoke night and spoken-words the lyrics. I miss those drunken bike rides and maniacal renditions of ELO's don't bring me down, but I digress, xyzed. I still don't know what a black fly in your chardonnay means, and this post certainly disproves all of the fucks I don't give, but more clearly it's this: meeting your perfect opposite, and knowing that they will move across the world in ### months. I guess it's just refreshing, really, to have someone around and understand that when you look into their eyes, their thoughts are much the same; their fundamental truths appear to be aligned with yours, and all you want to do is grab their hand and say let's just run across the world and pick apples and sail oceans... and never look back. Then reality sets in: Karen, go to sleep, impermanence, the ephemeral shifting of emotions back and forth, etc.

But, okay, going back a skip, what if I was abnormal and secretly loved the idea of watching someone leave. It's not so tragic, but it is quite beautiful ("Tell me about your travels!" "send postcards, I'll send you cookies, etc") and even more is knowing that journeys, distances, experiences are all quite grand, but we are all interconnected in many ways, is there not truth to this? Is physical distance such a hindrance? Are shared experiences, no matter how far apart, meant to be appreciated? I would say so.

I am both optimistic and realistic when applying this outlook. Upon careful observation, kissing, feelings of love, etc., I came to the idea that it's best to leave this one to the realm of serendipity (this is a word that used to make me wince upon verbalizing). Let's face a few hard truths: nothing is permanent, love is both overwhelming and fleeting, distance is both a physical and emotional concept, sometimes people just prefer waffles over pancakes, it's whatever. My point, buried among these scattered thoughts, is that this one has struck a chord, strong and full of consonance making my brain go to 11. I saw my life pass before my eyes ten-fold. He's even from the forest, how fantastic is that.

Something better, since it's all about the social: I have recently gotten in touch with Sarah again. Oh, Sarah! My brain-sister, I love her so. We mused about days of yore, kicking around livejournal, making up silly jargon and garden path sentences. She convinced me to get a twitter, and okay, so I did. It's silly, but I guess it provides a vehicle to catch up with justin beiber (unrelated: did you know the spice girls are putting out a musical? Well, now you know...that I would totally see it too). I found some old photos of her and am meaning to take a picture of a picture (...) and send them to her. I think she would find her past interpretation of a juggalette rather amusing. Easily one of my top 10 favorite humans.

I should probably sleep.