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cyber ghosts & net terrors

ramblings from yesteryear & the nethermorrow

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1984, 90 day men, ^..^, acting special, andy griffith reruns, anti-insert key, aquabeat, aquafina, arthur the drunk, b&b marathons, being in love, being special, big brian floorwax, big smart sounding words, billie holiday, billy corgan, blanket burrito, bowie, brian frickin molko, bt, buuuuurrrriiiiitttooooo, cassette tapes, cerulean blue, chiquita bananananaaa, chococat, clothes pins, collecting cassette tapes, colors, cute snoot mcboots, dark hair, deadsy, dj paulina taylor, djs, dorking out, dr. weiskopf, dracula & his nightslaves, drowning, drumnbass, duct tape, ella fitzgerald, et stickers, fainting boyfriends, felix, frank sinatra, frida kahlo, george a. romero, germany, guilty pleasure music, hats, hellokitty, holding hands, hot boy from illinois!, hotstuff mcbuff, idea of best/boy friend, imperfection, italian boys, joyride96, kerokerokeroppi!, kiss-kiss, laughing @ farts hahaha, laughing at coolkids, laughing at inappropriatethings, lmaonaise sandwiches, lollerskatin', long duck donger, lotion, love that smells, m. f. fishbait, magazines called sunset, magdelina, midwest sunsets, molly, morning kisses, mr magoo/magooisms/22 magoo, my melody, nancy boys, neopolitan ice cream, ninjarats, norah jones, not misspelling words, numbers, nutri-grain bars, pictures of you, piggies, placebo, planes landing, poe, puro!, qy10, radiohead, ren, represent, robot icecapades, scarlet the wondercat!, shoes, ska, sleepover fun!!, smashing pumpkins, smiling, squarepusher, steve urkel's killer snort, sublime, swedish-invasion pyramid-scheme, taco bell, talking fastfood from nj, the (18)80s, the golden gals, the little tacos, this song, walking slow, water, wha' happened?!?

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